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What if she doesn't have many teeth left anyway?

.hahahahahaha WOW!

Funny Confession Ecard: If brains were gasoline, you wouldn't run a piss-ant's go-cart two laps around a Cheerio.

Really? Ya think? http://bringitwithnadia.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-5-types-of-status-updates-that.html?m=1

This is how i feel about all the people posting redundant crap on FB.<<< I don't have FB but either way I feel ya 😂

Work an overnight and will prove it

Failed my politics exam. The question was 'Describe the role that India plays in the modern world?' Apparently 'Tech Support' was not the correct answer.

Calvin and Hobbes - ...Should I kick him real hard in the shins? | No, I don't think violence would be justified. | Here's another hypothetical question. What if I already did?

Calvin and Hobbes. A word of warning - a hypothetical question from Calvin is never, never, never hypothetical.


If You Don't Laugh At These E-Cards, You're dead inside!

Looking for smart, professional women who want to build their own business and secure their financial future. Partner with the Doctors who created Proactiv as they get ready to launch their newest line globally.


Free and Funny Flirting Ecard: I don't see any penises in the general vicinity. So I'm wondering why you keep opening your fucking mouth.

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Now if you'd just stop guessing if I'm talking about you

Free, Confession Ecard: Its funny how other people can judge and criticize others, but they don't see how pathetic they are

nothing like having friends you can't trust.. :(

I hope the bus you threw me under swerves to hit you on the sidewalk. The Karma bus