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Beautiful Cashmere products from turtle gloves.

Beautiful Cashmere products from turtle gloves.

LOVE LOVE <3 TRIXY XCHANGE  Knit Grey Bellydance Yoga Leg by TrixyXchange, $32.00

TRIXY XCHANGE - PICC Line Covers Fashionable Cover Ups Cancer Gifts Chemotherapy Dialysis Long Gray Arm Warmers Knit Gloves----hey since it's now part of my life I may need these.


People do so much for you during a battle with cancer, it's hard to find the right way to thank all of them. With these thank you cards, you can let each person know just how much they mean to you.

Windchill and wintry mix are no match for this warm and cozy wool hat. Slip it on in the colder months to retain heat with a soft-to-the-touch knit. The fine merino wool and cashmere blend is snuggly, not itchy, and the jacquard pattern stands out in the smooth yarn. It’s topped with a matching pompom for an extra bit of fun during snowball fights or long hikes.

Willow Wool Cashmere Knit Hat

Willow Wool Cashmere Knit Hat by BRICK knitwear on Scoutmob Shoppe

cancer patients are advised to use soap sparingly, this is our alternative, skincare gifts for cancer patients

This shop contains the Defiant Beauty Skincare Collection. Skincare created specifically for cancer patients and those recovering from treatment for cancer.We have included some gifts for cancer patients.


VIP: Supporting Breast Cancer Patients

A doctor and survivor creates the ultimate care package for breast cancer patients.

Be enlightened when you choose your cosmetics. Find advice on what ingredients to avoid and which are suitable for #cancer patients only at  www.BeautyDespiteCancer.co.uk

We are often asked about the ingredients in cosmetics, the good the bad and the ugly.

"Tükörbe sokáig kell nézni, sokszor és sokáig, amíg végre megismeri az ember igazi arcát. A tükör nemcsak sima ezüstlap, nem, a tükör mély is, mint a tengerszemek a hegyekben, s aki nagyon figyelmesen hajol... felülete fölé, egyszerre a mélybe lát, s mindig új és új mélységeket lát, s mindig messzebb dereng az arc, mely a tükör fölé hajol, s mindennap lehull egy álarc az arcról." Márai Sándor

Missing Link: Mirrors are perpetually deceitful. They lie and steal your true self.