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This New Study Says Birth Control Pills Might Affect Your Well-Being

Certain Birth Control Pills Might Make You Feel Like Crap, Says A New Study

Ice road trucker Summer Edition. Lol...very clever!

If only a local, sustainable "system of supply" could be developed before reaching this point.

How Tatia W. turns heads. Maidenform's #MFTURNINGHEADS Contest

I've been known to turn a few heads, said the spanner to the screw!

Actors through the years

Actors through the years

The "Okay" guy is the saddest one. :( Didn't know the Awwwww Yeeeeaaaah guy was the actor that played Jonah Jamison though...

Page 9 - Top Comics - Rage Comics - Ragestache. Most of these I knew already, but yeah.

This is the first...

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