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Quality Time With My Dog

"My wife told me to play with our puppy more, so I sent her this". Playing scrabble haha if my future husband did this I would marry him again

Too funny!! I would love to do this! Lol

Funny pictures about Next time you get a call from a blocked number. Oh, and cool pics about Next time you get a call from a blocked number. Also, Next time you get a call from a blocked number.

Lionel Richie Invites

We Love 80s-themed Parties!

Honestly, I laughed out loud. I don't know why because Lionel Richie is such an easy target, but LR jokes crack me up, every time.

This child.....made me laugh SOOOOO hard.

I wish to devour the unborn! (Translation: I'd like some eggs for breakfast, please.

Teacher Memes | spanishplans

It would make more sense…

Never saw either movies, but I'm guessing Biggest Loser has something to do with fighting for food. lol, that's what I thought the Hunger Games was about until I was told I was wrong xD

Shut up, blue pen person. I'll do what I want.... And my name isn't Jackie

"Jackie, you can't just white out a question you don't want to answer. This kid is going places. Not college but places.

This is pure genius, now if I could figure out something that worked for people who ate their food really loudly and annoyingly.....

This is pure genius

Funny pictures about Going To The Movie Theater Is Better Now. Oh, and cool pics about Going To The Movie Theater Is Better Now. Also, Going To The Movie Theater Is Better Now photos.

Way, way, way too funny. OMFG, I'm still laughing.

21 Reasons Why Old People Are The Best Part Of The Internet these are hilarious

For those of us who have worked at Walmart, we know that everyday in there *is* a horror movie!

Why are scary movies always in creepy places like jails and hospitals? I want a scary movie in Walmart. "Clean up on aisle "But sir.There is no aisle "dramatic music" Walmart is a scary place.

.I'm quite sure I'll be getting a volume or two of this dedicated to me.

One part wasn’t enough…

Ever make mistakes in life?  Use the Bob Ross method and attitude and lets make them birds.  Yeah, they're birds now.  (And happy ones at that too!)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Haha I loved this book so much! It's called "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" bye Jenny Lawson, and I recommend it sooo much

A pleasant surprise… I KNOW WHAT book this is from! Love Jenny Lawson the mostest!