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Snoozing kitties. http://sulia.com/channel/cats/f/fada9efa-f99b-48e3-83be-5656fcd3cec4/

16 Cats Who Are About to Hurt Someone for Putting Them Through the Torture of Bath Time

magicalnaturetour: The Cuddly Snuggly Kittens via Love Meow ~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥

Let It Go! And Move On.  Inspiration / motivation.  quotes and wisdom

life is far too short to be sad. to be mad. to hold regret. to look back. to be depressed. to be unkind. be nice and do good. everyday is new.

party rock anthem wallpaper 4 my itouch by fay

YOU are the funniest lil woman for finding this you party rocker

seriously ... i GOT IT!

Life is not fair. Most things we suffer in life sometimes we bring on ourselves as a result of bad choices. Put God first and choose the right thing. You will suffer less in life.

Okay, so I don't go the entire winter without shaving, but... I definitely don't do it as often as I do during the warmer months. lol!

Im a firm believer in the definition of this word: winter (noun)- the three month break between a woman and her razor. This would be exactly the case except for we are required to wear shorts in gym and sometimes I happen to have gym in the winter.