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If I don'tcontact you it doesn't mean I've given up. It just means I'm waiting on you to realize what we had is enough to fight for and work things out, even months later .

I hate this feeling : quotes and sayings

I hate this . Like when it feels like someone cares they are faking it and making me feel like crap because a lot of people wish they different. I just wish i didn't feel so alone, so hopeless, and so lost. I miss my life


Ambivalent~ I can take most things or leave them. I have always enjoyed my own company so having friends is a bonus, if you don't give a fuck anymore don't waste my time, it's really that simple, just go~

#truth ...silly me for having faith in people ...the wrong people

Very few people can change their character in fundamental ways. Like telling the truth or acting honourably

Show me disloyalty....

Show me disloyalty. I'll show you detachment. I will detach you right out of my life and there will be no appeal and no reprieve.


I'm pretty sure I lost a friend. But, I hope he knows I'm always here for him. God puts friends in your life for a long or short season. And if he was a short season friend, it's ok. I trust god knows better!(: even if it hurts right now.