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"Frames of Mind" is a comic that illustrates different moods by orthodontist and cartoonist Grant Snider (previously) of Incidental Comics. image via Incidental Comics

'Frames of Mind', A Comic by Grant Snider Exploring Different States of Mind

What frame of mind are you in? Would you like to break out of the frame and think outside the box? You might get a little inspiration from Grant Snider’s latest gallery of ideas at Incidental Comics.

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Self Portrait Part 2

Self Portrait, Comic Shows Innovative Ways of Representing Oneself

‘My Neighbor Magritte, The Surrealist Next Door’, from Grant Snider's series ‘Who Needs Art?’.

My Neighbor Magritte

My Neighbor Magritte, A Comic About Living Next Door to Surrealist Artist René Magritte, made by Cartoonist and illustrator Grant Snider

Good Ideas, Bad Ideas - Grant Snider

In this comic, Grant Snider of Incidental Comics show us that there's only one way to find out if an idea is good or bad -- chase it.

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Howard’s End

Howard’s End- New Yorker

Heavy Things, by Grant Snider | DailyGood

Heavy Things, by Grant Snider

Il Lettore Forte si è imbattuto nella prima scena di sesso della sua carriera di lettore leggendo It di Stephen King.

The Joy of Reading by Grant Snider Reading is sexy.