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idea for guys hair

Are you meant to be with a Winchester? Are you destined to fight evil alongside your man? Or perhaps your man isn't a human.an angel, maybe, or even Lucifer himself. Discover your "Supernatural" soulmate.


out-in-the-open: “ Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes I really love the fact that Dean goes cloth shopping and buys Sammy clothes that fit him perfectly.

Look at their PRECIOUS SERIOUS BABY FACES !!! Dean is probably standing on his tippy toes XD

Rare shot of Dean standing BEHIND Sam. More often than not, Dean always stands in front of Sam to shield him, no?

euclase:          and some dean to say thanks. :). uuuh-shiny:      It is safe to say thet this is my most favourite pic by EUCLASE!

Dean Winchester fanart - artist unknown (if this is yours please leave a comment so I can give credit.

Omlll I swear this kid could be Dean's child!!!!! He is just like him!!! *-*

The Kids Are Alright. I loved this episode. And I will never not believe that Ben is Dean's kid.