1955 BMW Isetta 300 - 1 by Richard Clark

A stylised version of an iconic car. Modelling, lighting and rendering done in Softimage. Textures created in Photoshop.

Fiat 600 Toon Car by German Lagna

Fiat 600 Toon Car by German Lagna

Bmw Isetta. Looks a lot like a VW Beetle.

The New BMW Isetta 2015 Concept.More than 60 years after the first Isetta went into production BMW re-imagines the micro car for the contemporary context.

Anel Cinético

Kinetic Rings Mimic the Flight of Birds. Kansas-based metalsmith and jeweler Dukno Yoon creates rings, bracelets, and other devices that mimic the movements of birds by harnessing the motion caused by the flick of the wrist or flexing of fingers.

HOV Lanes, HOT Lanes, or whatever you call the High Occupancy Lanes along some Houston freeways, are confusing, with different fee structures for different hours of the day.  My car is pretty tiny, so I stay away from there, but here's a link to help you figure it all out:

1958 BMW Isetta also known as the "bubble car" is an Italian designed microcar. It was the world's first mass-production km car and was the top-selling single-cylinder car in the world, with units sold.

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The Isetta aka the “Bubble Car" - the first cheap people’s cars built in Brighton. The car's only door is at the front and opens with the steering wheel attached!

Photoshop Manipulation / manipulación de fotografías

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isetta - Buscar con Google

Check out this 1957 BMW Isetta 300 that features a 1989 Yamaha motorcycle motor and a top speed of 150 mph.

Low Poly Hot Dog Car on Behance

Check out new work on my portfolio: "Low Poly Hot Dog Car"…

Isaac Orloff Illustration: Car Concept Design Print

Isaac is an Illustrator and Visual development artist for animation who occasionally like to post.

Xoan Baltar ★ Find more at

Xoan Baltar ★ Find more at

Fordish Front (2013) - Manu Järvinen

Fordish Front (2013) - Manu Järvinen

Anuka (Ann) Baratashvili

It's Taxi for our city project Car Concept by me : ) Model by Gergi : ) textures by misha : ) render by misha post by me Car textures are not done yet i.

Cartoon bus WW - Lukasz Michalczyk -

Cartoon bus WW by Lukasz Michalczyk, via Behance

PLANET 51 This is a Sample of the Work I did for Planet a film by Ilion Aninimation Studios. It is just a small sample o.