The Dragon and the Star by Manuel Castanon (Fantasy Art Watch)


my name is Christof Grobelski and I am a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Berlin -Germany. I have years experience in working in videogames,movies, trading card games and pen and paper RPGs on both in-house and remote fr

Practice. Trying to keep abstract, painterly shapes and a graphic look, as well as pushing the color. Maybe a simple and worn out theme, but too fun to resist painting it. Sort of had to get it out of my system :)

Dive into The Art of Joakim Ericsson, a Concept Artist/Illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden.

warrior women

Lost in the wide and barren North, Javre, Lioness of Hoskopp, runs into Cracknut Whirrun on a bridge far too narrow for the expansive egos of either. With the King of the Northmen and the High Pri…