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This is me...i HAVE to let him know I'm sorry...he needs to let me show him some love

33 Of The Best Whispers

I straight up freak out if I accidentally hurt Rue. - I accidently just stepped on my dogs tail. He did a little yip and was fine. Meanwhile I'm chasing him screaming "OMG I HURT YOU LET ME LOVE YOU!" as he runs away from me.

Yep. I'm talking about you...

Bitch you’re so fake you make barbie look real. 27 Insulting 'Bitch Please' Quotes And Meme For Your Enemies

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Fanclub? ...;)

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Definitely how I feel about politics of late.

Definitely how I feel about politics of late.

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Both you and your best friend.

Why sooo funnyyyy

Yes they also fall into the groups of people that hate me and the people that don't:) Why?

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I like hot days, just not standing next to annoying people on them.

Great Comebacks And Insults You Need To Save To Do Some Hurtful Burns (21 pics) | STATIONGOSSIP

Great Comebacks And Insults You Need To Save To Do Some Hurtful Burns


Teenager Post *Nerd guys phone rings* Jock: "Who was that, your girlfriend?" *Everyone laughs* Nerd: "Nope, it was yours.

You know who you are!!!!

Askhole: 2 people in my life do this, the only difference is that they know what they want to do, but for whatever reason still asks "what should I do? so fucking annoying.

Which i dont but if you ever find any let me know because theres lots of things that need explaining. PP: sayings

How to Attract the Right Kind of Love

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