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BTS Jin Seokjin Suga Yoongi Rapmonster Namjoon J-Hope Hoseok Jimin V Taehyung Jungkook 💕💕

What's wrong V?❤️

Yoongi's like "I don't need nobody I'll make my own damn heart" Tae's like "kill me now wHY are you touching me peASANT">>>>> Yay! J-Hope & Jimin!

Sweet Jesus I see heaven

[Info] BTS will be releasing a compilation album “BEST OF” in Japan on Jan

I could write a book for everyone of them describing how beautiful and infiring they are, seriously, I feel like a proud mom Bts

BTS group/family photo

Jin 💘 Jimin ❤ Jungkook 💙 Rap Monster 💜 V 🔥 J-Hope 💟 aaaaand Suga 💚