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M. C. Escher - Remplissage concentrique de l’espace (1953).

Concentric Rinds 1953 Vintage Illustration Art Print on Card stock

Mariposas by Escher

(Unity) Butterflies - M. Escher: Op Art, black and white contrast lesson. could also use other examples of his work for perspective lessons

Gallery : Hyperbolic Escher

Gallery : Hyperbolic Escher

cultura Escher tetrahedral

Las obras imposibles de M.C. Escher

“Tetrahedral Planetoide” by artist M.


Skot Foreman Gallery M. Escher Mobius "Strip II (Red Ants)" 1963 Hand-signed woodcut in three colors x in 46 x 20 cm Bool# 441 © The M. Escher Company B.

Geometry is the Formal Structure of Thought. The Spirit of Geometry is the…

Structure of Space…

“Be free of thoughts. If you do not hold on to anything, it will not hold on to you.”— Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi: Be as You Are