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ALL THE TIME.... oh...wait....

So true! Like i NEVER wear dresses, bit when I have like a violin recital we HAVE to wear skirts or dresses. I then spin around saying "My skirt doesn't work" I have met so many HG fans because of that!

Next time someone says they love the hunger games but they haven't read the book I will ask them that

if you haven't read the books, and you are a huge hunger games fan after seeing the movie, comment who MADGE UNDERSEE is ; The mayors daughter, the one that have katniss the mockingjay pin!

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I decided this before but seriously. forget the diamond, I want a pearl engagement ring.if u know me u know I love pearls and like diamonds.

yup. this is where hunger games problems overlaps gleek problems and harry potter problems lol

Yes! I had a dream where the hunger games were held in my house and all of the kids in my class were tributes. It was weird murdering them even in a dream.

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Hunger Games Problems - Page 10 of 10 I really thought that was how you spelled it until I read this pin.

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hunger game problems- Sad but true, and they did a fantastic job at making Peeta look insane in Mockingjay Part