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The Witch Golf Course - Myrtle Beach (public)

Winning Tips To Improve Your Golf Skills. Photo by Krzysztof Urbanowicz It is quite likely that you are part of the mass of people who are constantly striving to achieve better golf skills.

Approximate Carry Distances by Driver Swing Speed (mph)

Chart for how far you can hit your golf clubs! Top row is your swing mph. Approximate Carry Distances by Driver Swing Speed (mph)

Golf Clubs - muscles at work during golf swing

The Golf Swing MUSCLES AT WORK Instructional Wall Chart Poster. As you proceed through the illustrations and text, you will be reminded with every glance of what it will take to make your swing just a little bit better, until you reach consistency .

5 golf tips for kids. It is never too early to start practicing golf. If you are child is interested in golf and plans to train for golf, check out these 5 tips.

Golf Swing Tips - The Number One Thing To Focus On For Longer Golf Drives ** You can get additional details at the image link.

... Stretch! Dynamic Warm Up for

Dynamic Warm Up for Golf - Solutions for Golfers Over 50


Beginner Golf Tip: Correct Tee Height for Hitting the Driver: What’s the first thing a golfer does on every hole? Places the ball on a tee, of course.

6-8-10 Chipping Method by Mel Sole

How the 6-8-10 Method Can Improve a Golfer's Chipping Game

If you struggle with chip shots in golf, learning the Formula is a great tip for improving your chipping. * Continue to the article at the image link.


TrackMan: Definitive Answers at Impact and More

Kate Hughes, Founder-Vision Fore Success, Former LPGA Tour Player, Certified Mental Trainer. Shot a 69 after 3 days working Game-inglove! - "As a former LPGA