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Well, I'm still working on kind…

I don`t want to be just one thing. I can`t be. I want to be brave and selfless, intelligent and honest and kind.

Divergent quiz to see what fraction your in.

Divergent Faction quiz I got Divergent but I think I am a combination of Abnegation, Candor, and Erudite (maybe Amity or Dauntless but not so sure)

divergent costume - Google Search

Guys when we see the movie we should wear outfits like these! We could wear the fraction that best matches us! Change some of the shoes: combat boots for dauntless and vans for amenity

every time...then after they finish allegiant they plan my brutal assassination for letting them read it.

It's like me trying to get skyler to read the matched series I tried to get her to read divergent and she was like nooooo but then we saw the movie and she was like oh I'm so reading this like totally yeah I'll read this yep

Tobias in his fear landscape: takes three minutes to complete me: Takes 2 years

why i could never be dauntless. ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ Ehehehe I'm Dauntless but I still found this hilarious

WOH YEAH!!!!!  =D

Here's to the fans who liked the book before the movie. Here's to the fans who thought the book was WAY better then the movie. Here's to the fans who read the book before the movie