She looks amazing. The grand shoulders and lilac hair are outstanding features.

Image 2 this is a example of the style of costume i wanted to acheive. By taking a Carnival approch i am able to add style and diffrence to my ringleader makng her very feminine to contrast with the masculin moustache.

E - Valentin Perrin

As the Annual Gala draws near, the designers of CABARET are working on creating a world like you've never seen before. Check out these inspiration photos from Brian Clowdus!

69 Circus Photo Shoots - From Sultry Circus Vixens to Sensuous Circus Shoots Halloween Musings - Grimm's Fairy Tale costume theme London

Cabaret Cut Crease Makeup

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клоунесса образ — Яндекс: нашлось 14 млн результатов

Adoring Icons ~ Lorena Agnelli by Tim Bret-Day for Stylist Magazine ~ Styling: Thea Lewis-Yates

Make up - Dirt face

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