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I can type really well but this is hilarious! This is how my dad types :P

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Lmao I'm waiting to see if that's gonna be me in September when I'm starting my GCSE's. If ur British, u know the struggle. And this year in my school, we have 3 years insteada And year 9 is supposed to be the bestest year! Fuck the law change

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Expecially saying something stupid. One time on career day a cop said that if u wanted to use a tazer u had to get tazed. So I asked does that mean u have to get shot if u want to use a gun

Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men (And Weed)  "Flobberlobberlob" "Weeeeeed"

Watch with Mother: Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men - and Little Weed. Wednesdays on the BBC. That little weed - she thought she knew everything.