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Although She-Ra was meant to appeal to little girls more than He-man I never really liked her much!

She-Ra (Princess of Power) - In my mind She-Ra and He-Man were a perfect match, until I found out they were siblings.

florhalmist: “ F L O R H A L M I S T ”

I have an obsession with silk pajamas sets. Can’t wait to sleep in these new beauties tonight (they’re also currently half off)

She-Ra Princess of Power 30th Anniversary standee for Mattel's booth at San Diego Comic Con 2014. pinup, tv, 80's, cartoon

She-Ra Princess of Power Anniversary standee for Mattel's booth at San Diego Comic Con pinup, tv, cartoon

Don't remember the last time I played rock paper scissors but just in case...

OMG SO Smart!! Life Hacks - Page 2 of 2

Life Hacks When starting a game of "rock, paper, scissors" always start with paper. Most people start with rock as it's the shape the hand easily forms.

A boy with both light and dark blood running through his veins could conquer the world if he wanted to. Julian Redwood was no exception.

As heir to the Lysar fortune, Dorian was quite a famous figure. With the snap of his fingers, he could order to have a man killed.

Dont let the fact that its done with disney characters sway you. The message here is amazing. I feel like a lot of people dont understand that feminism isnt about being more manly or looking down on being a softer or girly person. Its about having the right to be equal and being able to choose the kind of person you want to be not told that because you are female you have to be a certain way.

Disney Princess lessons about girl power! This is why I love disney, and don't agree with people who say that the princesses weak or physically discouraging.