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Earth May Be Getting A Second Sun. For A Bit. « OMEGA-LEVEL

A supernova occurs when the nuclear fusion furnace, which is a star, achieves a critical load of essential elements such as iron. Iron tends to slow down the fusion reaction. It causes the red glow of a “dying Star,”

A Giant Star Factory in Neighboring Galaxy NGC 6822

Hubble-V, a glowing gas cloud in Barnard’s Galaxy

Are You Ready For The Friday The 13th Massive Solar Flare? | #survivallife www.survivallife.com

How to Prepare for the Solar Flare

A massive solar flare sends an CME towards Earth to hit Friday the Survival Life is the best source for survival gear, skills and tips.

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In this star, Monocerotis, suddenly brightened for several weeks. The images captured by Hubble revealed an effect called a light echo and showed never-before-seen dust patterns in surrounding cloud structures.