Explore Hanukkah Menorah, 16th Century, and more!

Brass Hanukkah Menorah with 16th Century Italian Design

This brass Hanukkah Menorah features a crown at the top, 8 oil cups on the bottom and a floral pattern on the backsplash that also holds the Shamash cup.

Contemporary Tree of life Hanukkah Menorah Turquoise with Sapphire Crystals

A contemporary take on the tree of life, this menorah is adorned with a lone butterfly at the base, has tulips winding up the stem and is capped with flower buds; enameled in turquoise and decorated with sapphire crystals.

Hanukkah Menorah with Opening Doors White Enamel & Gold, Light with Candle or Oil

This charming menorah shimmering in gold, elegant and enameled beautifully featuring doors that open and can be lit with candles.

Yair Emanuel Large Blue Menorah with a Tree Design and Birds in Lazer-Cut Metal

This Yair Emanuel large blue menorah with a tree design and birds in lazer-cut metal features pomegranates.

Yair Emanuel Tree of Life Menorah with Birds and Pomegranates in Lazer-Cut Metal

Yair Emanuel Painted Metal Lazer Cut Menorah Birds in Pomegranate Tree : Arbel Judaica Store

Bowl Menorah With Blackbirds

This elegant menorah of delicate glass is long but curved like a bowl designed to catch any dripping wax from your Hanukkah candles.