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It's almost like ADULTS (the ppl who create the cartoons) are wanting to help their younger generation learn about all the differences in people, as well as acceptance and a plethora of other valuable lessons while they themselves look for a bit of "comedic relief" in mundane or stupid random cartoons. I mean seriously, who do you think creates the cartoons for kids???

Kids cartoons are infinitely better. Why isn't it acceptable for 15 year olds to like them?

I can't....

Just to finally decide there are no rules to the English language whatsoever. this post hurt me lol

It's like that one time on Lumpy's Faux News show when a contributor ranted about the 'welfare state', ending with, and I promise I'm not making this up, "I was on food stamps...anybody help me? No!"

They seem to think of their taxes go to supporting lazy welfare queens.


I do this but only because my mom takes company more seriously than me. If I emphasize that "she's hungry" we're getting food a lot faster.