#fantasy #character #design #magic

#fantasy #character #design #magic


Commissioned by milliemunchers and Thank you so much for your commission! -------- Commission Booking Open I am .

Eisheth - The Royal Guard - by dapper-owl on deviantART  I like the character design as well as the costumes in this

A new character design for Falls D'Ange, which i've recently been able to sketch ideas for again. He is a demon named Eisheth and works as a Royal Guard. Demons and Other Ilk: Eisheth Royal Guard

#fantasy #character #design #magic

New aion concept artist identified thanks to bashful-critter! on CGHUB. He did the art for a lot of the gear, as well as some of the anuhart gear and the pink female bard art (not.

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Scene-Shots: A Summons from Mother *click on me for the full story*

"what are they doing Dante?" I said as I hugged. My brother tightly. "Hush now Meteli. "Dante will make it all go away." (Credit to Savannah Marshall)