Assassins Creed Tattoo

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I love the symmetry of this piece. The contrast of the dark eagle and the light-coloured wolf work nicely together. The feathers on the bottom really help to frame the design and overall give it a very pleasant composition.

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Original Info : Couldn’t have said it better Mentor ♥ by boost_lolita.

Assassin's creed tattoo. Totally want on my thigh or foot

“Imagine: Ezio Auditore gently taking your hand as you stand together on a rooftop in Venezia. He gives your hand a reassuring squeeze before pointing to the haybale below you.

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Hidden Blade Tribute from Assassin's Creed The traditions, the motives and the places may have changed during the years. But one thing always stays the same: The hidden blade

Assassin's Creed III Emblem by Alliekattus on DeviantArt

In the Assassin's Creed world, each era had a different stylized emblem. Ottoman Emblem Renaissance Emblem That is just an example of the many that are included. It had me wondering with the new AC.

assassins creed tattoo. nothing is true. everything is permitted. would probably get it w/o the flower...

The brotherhood tattoo to match my brothers, instead of the flower there will be skull and swords