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Умная организация пространства. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

20 Great Ideas for Arranging Things at Home in Perfect Order

Организация пространства в шкафу | Разговоры о жизни

Организация пространства в шкафу | Разговоры о жизни

Театр начинается с вешалки, а дом с прихожей.

tray + rocks = good place to put dirty, muddy, wet shoes when you get in the house. This will be in the mud room of my dream house one day. Yes, there will be a mudroom.

Поделка изделие Картонаж Подставка для книг и тетрадей Картон Клей Краска фото 3

Поделка изделие Картонаж Подставка для книг и тетрадей Картон Клей Краска фото 3

Организация пространства на кухне

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen decor you have come to the right place. We know the struggle of refurnishing a kitchen, specially if the available space is confined.

Организация хранения косметики - Идеи

14 гениальных идей хранения косметики. Хаосу - бой!

I could have created an entire post just on pretty containers for storing brushes? use small wide ones for lipsticks, glosses and mascaras, and taller ones for brushes.Fill them with beads or coffee beans to hold brushes in place and tie in with your

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30 idées ingénieuses pour optimiser vos rangements à la maison

Организация пространства

Hanging objects creates more room in any space. We love this idea of not only creating more counter space but cabinet space as well by hanging coffee mugs!

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zen bedroom - The Zen Bedroom from Studio Oink has created the perfect bedroom design for people wanting a peaceful space in which to collect their thoughts.

Smart idea: a veggie pantry!.

30 Corner Drawers and Storage Solutions for the Modern Kitchen

Veggie Pantry Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Wood Mode Kitchens click through for a lot of great ideas for the new kitchen.lazy corner, veggie bins, baking pan cupboard dividers and more-but I probably wouldn't want my root veggies right beside my range

Организация пространства и компактного хранения в ванной комнате.\nХозяйке на заметку: большинство использованных в примерах вещей можно найти в Ик...

this is just like my bathroom lol, i cant wait for the new storage! Small bathroom storage ideas @ DIY Home Ideas.we should hang a lot of our shelves in the bathroom for extra storage :)