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Take notes mainstream media: this is what we wanna hear about, not the half-made up garbage you (think) feed us all the time!

Worth the long pin. We need more men with hero's hearts, and less boys with "swag". All Americans---look to this man. What a hero and great soldier! Thank you sir and God bless

Mashing Photos Together Can Create Some Interesting Art

Mashing Photos Together Can Create Some Interesting Art

if only our founding fathers were still here

Update On “Car Stops” And The Bundy Ranch Scene: Sandman Sends

Freedom to Bear Arms If you look back in history, governments that take away guns from their people, begin to kill their people. The more The government starts to take away the rights established in our constitution the quicker America will fall apart.

Trains 4 Fun | Trackless Trains and Trams Gallery

The trackless trains and trams are a great way to move a lot of people around an event, and even better way to create a cash revenue.

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River cooker (griller) that you can hook up into a receiver hitch. have small grill that is for boating that will mount on bicycle rack

Infográfico sobre tips de puntos a considerar al comprar un #auto usado.

Auto Repair Tips From The Experts Of The Road. Photo by Jonathan Rolande When you have the keys to your car, the world is your oyster. You have the ability to travel almost anyplace at any time you choo

We should NEVER take anything for granted.  We need to stop complaining about what we need to do, because I can tell you this much, Military life is a hundred times harder than civilian life.  God bless!!!


Read carefully and stop complaining.also stop complaining when it's been 2 hrs since you got a text from your boyfriend or 2 days without seeing him.