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I know my mother doesn't comprehend what she is saying and doing to me but that doesn't make it easier
8 Questions Gay Men Should Ask Their Doctors (fascinating really as a health professional, I had never thought about #3. I wish more doctors would make coming out more comfortable and accessible to their patients.)
When it comes to aging and sleep, there are many myths and misconceptions. Sleep experts debunk 6 myths about aging and sleep.
Acts 2:17
ronphillips Changes for Ron in Rome-I like his Rome info, he has lived in Europe a number of years, too. Maybe a good idea for a travel agent.
NEW sleep recommendations! Sleep deprivation is becoming an epidemic in our country, affecting over 50 million Americans. It’s such a critical issue that the National Sleep Foundation recently released new recommendations. It added new categories for younger and older adults and increased recommendations for children. #sleep #sleeptips #healthtips
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8 Expert Tips for When Aging Parents Won’t Listen
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