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Dont lie to the ones you love. All these can be ruined by lies. All trust will be lost with a single lie. Own up to the truth and work it out. Thats what makes relationships real, strong, and last.

Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

Be original

You can't be the "copy" when you're the original. Original is always worth more.

Love that my guy is such a gentleman! A gentleman will open doors, pull out chairs, and carry her bags. Not because she's helpless or unable, but because he wants to show her that she is valuable and worthy of respect.

Me and my man

That Ride or die Relationship (loyal to the game) You Got Mÿ Back & I Damn Sure Have Yours!dĘ╼óR╾D!

I waited an eternity for him and I'll do it again...

"Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say 'I love you', but not everyone can wait and prove it's true." I totally agree with this. Waiting is a sign of strong, true love.

The Gentleman's Guide #85

The Gentleman's Guide Give Her A Relationship Where You Can Act Like Idiots, Talk About The Most Random Stuff, Share Music, And Never Get Tired Of Each Other.you get back what you give out men

WOW - never thought of that. We should probably try this. Since we're so good at making decisions and all... :) Should i try it? @Jamie Wise Cobb

God Talking to Me

"When you have to make a hard decision; flip a coin. Why Because when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you're hoping for." - I do this ALL the time :)

Consider the fact that maybe God closed that door...

Consider the fact that maybe God closed that door because he knew you were worth so much more. good thing to think about, it can be so hard to discern God's purpose. You just have to have faith.

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I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye. I want to you to know that you are my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye and I love that about you.

...if they cannot, or will not, you must move forward....alone.....better things are waiting for you around each and every turn , my precious one ❤️

For example, when someone feels inadequate themselves they will always think the other is in search of someone who is adequate.