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Pearl Earrings-Sterling Silver Jewelry-Beach Wedding Earring-Boho Chic Jewelry-Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings-Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry by on Etsy

Argentium Silver Post Dangle Earrings feature a simple blister pearl with a rigid tassle design with smaller pearls. Argentium Sterling Silver is tarnish resistant and nickel-free.

Labradorite Jewelry-Moonstone Jewelry-Sterling Silver Jewelry-Labradorite & Moonstone Earrings-Little Flower Earrings-Boho Chic Jewelry

Mixed Metals Boho Hippie Earrings - Geometric Dangles Earrings - Sterling Silver Textured Circles, Brass Cube Beads, And Handmade Copper Ear Wires

Jasper Heart Earrings-Sterling Silver Hammered/Textured Ear Wires With Ocean Jasper Stone Heart Dangles

Amethyst Crystal Pendent-Sterling Silver Necklace-Vintage Edwardian Design Necklace-Lilac Purple Faceted Crystal Necklace-Boho Chic Jewelry by on Etsy

Mystic Crystal Pendent Necklace-Tear Drop Cushion Cut Gemmy Crystal Necklace-Vintage Jewelry-Boho Chic Jewelry-Festival Crystal Necklace by on Etsy

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Moonstone Chandelier Earrings - Winter White Earrings - Hippie Chic Earrings - Cluster Earrings - Sterling Silver Jewelry - Boho Chic Jewelry These Earrings Measure In Length Handmade Earrings Designed & Assembled & Handmade By

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Boho Chic Jewelry - Geometric Jewelry - Rustic Copper Earrings - Hippie Chic Jewelry - Hematite Hexagon Beaded Earrings - Boho Geek Jewelry These Earrings Measure 1 In Length Handmade Earrings Designed & Assembled & Handmade By

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