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Secret Beauty Ingredient: Sesame Oil

Secret Beauty Ingredient: Sesame Oil

See the benefits of sesame oil on your skin, plus see which beauty products you should be trying!

DIY Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Conditioners - 1 for daily use and 1 for deep conditioning

DIY Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Conditioners

Best Beauty Tip: How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster “Coconut milk helps the hair grow long and thick,” says Indian ayurvedic skincare expert Pratima Raichur. (The kind from a can is fine.) “Rub it onto the scalp, leave it on for an hour or so, then wash it


Coconut Oil on cotton ball = eye makeup remover:: Do you have a cotton ball? Now all you need is add the coconut oil and you will have one of the best eye makeup remover products on the market.

5 amazing beauty oils for skin and hair by My News Addiction

Best Beauty Diy Ideas : Illustration Description Beauty oils are great. Check out these 5 amazing beauty oils for skin and hair! Learn what they are for and how to use them!

All in all, this is a great night cream which is not only a good moisturizer but a good anti-aging cream as well. Home made creams take longer to show effects and may not smell or look as great as the market bought products, but you can be assured that you are using the best ingredients on your skin and that you are not exposing them to harmful chemicals.

DIY Anti-Aging Olive Oil Facial Night Cream

Additional Information:I tested out this mud mask recipe on a day when Henry was home sick (anyone remember Henry Happened?

If your parents ever gave you castor oil as a child, you know just how unpleasant it can be. What is great about this medicinal concoction is that it is filled | See more about diy crafts, castor oil and oil.

20 Strange but Effective Everyday Uses for Castor Oil

Homemade Eye Cream

The BEST Homemade Firming Eye Cream - Saving Dollars and Sense

The BEST Homemade Firming Eye Cream recipe is so simple to make and only uses three non toxic ingredients which are actually good for your skin! No more chemical filled beauty products for me. DIY beauty hack for after you remove your makeup.