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... *sigh the last laughs of a union misunderstood as it destroyed itself on the eaves of riping egos... (12/2/13) Are there survivors... no waffles   Beards

Disney princesses with beards Sleeping Beardy and mustacherella are my faves. Because I hate those two what they did to Pocahontas and jasmine was cruel

This Mom is super extra skilled - some of these are costumes for park workers, outfits you can't just pull up the movie and study the screenshots for. SO impressed! And, of course, the cuteness factor, I can't hardly stand it!!! <3 | This shall be my future child.:

Little girl is living the dream.

This little girl's mother takes her to Disneyland every week, to help her conquer her shyness. MADE OF ADORABLE. Also, Peter Pan, Ladies & Gentlemen. This little girl is living the dream

Disney is great. I can't remember his name but he is from Lilo and Stich...dressing as princesses

Pleakly the Princess feat. Stitch as Tinkerbell Oh how much i love this!

13 Different Disney Mugs…

Disney Princess cups, I definitely want the Cinderella and the Prince mugs

This is the funniest thing ever:

Didney Worl

Disney face switch, This made me laugh more than it should have. Omg Boo and Sulley are terrifying

Disney Princes and Princesses <3...except the got Mulan and Pocohontas mixed up....But I love it anyway!

#TshirtTuesday: Princess T-shirts for Princess Charlotte

Disney couples shirt- Mulan Pocahontas couple names swapped though, How wonderful is to wear it with your boyfriend -_-

Disney y u didn't just say it straight?

Disney y u didn't just say it straight?

According to Disney // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - so true!

O my god PERFECT frozen moments in real life!!!

Random persons comment: I love this! Going to start doing this with my mom…. My comment: I'm way to lazy to send frozen texts to my mom.