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If you are a Five, you are a knowledgeable, analytical, self-reliant personality with a strong belief that love and respect are gained by practicing self-s

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Inspired in part by the classic horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft, artist Jim Kazanjian assembles foreboding buildings using snippets of photographs found in the Library of Congress archives. Equal parts secret lair, insane asylum, and the work of a deranged architect, Kazanjian’s collages are created from 50-70 separate photographs taken over the last century. Each piece takes nearly three months to complete.

Attempting to Render the Sublime: Jim Kazanjian's Latest Sinister Archi-Collages - Architizer


Not this physically, but this concept. Like we start with all the pieces, we start to move them around, and when you find the sweet spot everything aligns and you see the message. Alphabetical: Experimental Typography By Dan Tobin Smith

writing inspiration | Writing Inspiration / Modern Ruins 8 - Worth1000 Contests

Tutorials are the best thing to learn any software. So here we bring latest 40 Awesome Adobe Photoshop Tutorials released in

Fantasy Landscape Art Print by Jaime Best

Fantasy Landscape Art Print - Heartache and Poetry 37 ... by Jaime Best

~ Swinging Beneath a Heart Shaped Moon - ~ Fantasy Landscape Art Print by Jaime Best ~I want to transform this into a more possitive theme with two kids on the swing that is attached to both trees that are bent into a heart shape


woman birds in her hair art watercolor painting ink spill splash dribble drips face portrait beautiful girl

Indication - Shibuya Center Town by Hisaharu Motoda - Contemporary Japanese Art Collection by Jean Pigozzi

Hisaharu Motoda's Neo-Ruins: Lithographs of post-apocalyptic Tokyo