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honeycomb makes me afraid, but it's still cool.

our bees were doing well and healthy, buzzing around, they still had honey in their box from last year, .

the bee and the hexagon---perfect planning and architecture....actually the bee should win the award for BEST URBAN PLANNER

great flash media online lesson to introduce tessellations - could use with third graders on netbooks before making own tessellations

Eckhard Völcker’s photos of microscopic details of plants and flowers

Eckhard Völcker’s Photos of Microscopic Details of Plants and Flowers, Wonders of Our Living Things Never Cease !


Fractal symmetry in nature - Epiphytic orchids often grow on the branches of trees in tropical forests. their unique structure allows them to absorb and store water. photo by Phil Gates

Save Our #Honeybees & like www.Facebook.com/BoycottBayer

Save Our #Honeybees & like www.Facebook.com/BoycottBayer

Forever fascinated by honeycombs.

Honeycomb in neutral colours. It is a natural pattern or texture. Geometric repetition from nature.

Pourquoi les alvéoles à miel des abeilles sont en forme d’hexagone? http://www.alchimiedesbougies.fr/blog/alveoles-abeilles-forme-hexagone/

You may have already been urged by other beekeepers not to try it or been warned that it would negatively impact…