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I got bored so tadaaaa.... It says 'I luv u' jic u cant understand it.. its cubical language

I got bored so tadaaaa. It says 'I luv u' jic u cant understand it. its cubical language 😭

pardon the language.. however, this reminds me of a friend or two (who would say this) lol

To that sorry piece of shit that broke my heart over and over and over again! 5 years of wasted time! Please tell me how to move on? I don't wanna go back!

Oh Marius what are we going to do with you?

A “Les Misérables” character guide. Everything is perfect.except the thing about the Bishop. The Bishop is one of the best characters, without him, Valjean may have never changed.

So true ! Deaf,blind,simply mad - they are so obsessed with themselves!!!!  Deeper they sink-wider they spread their jaws  ( but that´s the animal :) ! ) That is why ,perhaps ,when first time history was a tragedy , next time it is a Farse ! Looks like MF is a genre...;) Ha-ha :)))

Of course history repeats itself Motherfuckers dont listen Howard Fuckin Zinn

I became best friends with America(hetalia) then called the police... What did he do to make me do that?!

Anime Fangirl Meme Scenario - I proposed to crona cuz I loved his hair? It would be better if it was death the kid.

Probably the HARDEST thing in the world for me to do!

you say im not important yet you keep posting about me. Dont be a hypocrite and stay out of my life you crazy pysco lmao

Top 100 C.S. Lewis quotes | Deseret News

"We laugh at honour, and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.

Laughing my ass off. Needed this.

"Why you sending winky faces to my boyfriend".Hun I don't even send winky faces to my own boyfriend much less yours.


So true. shit talkers have nothing else to do but talk shit about other people to their co-workers. Fake people are the unhappy ones.

This shirt makes me want to run a marathon just so I can wear it. LOL!  Maybe I can have one made for a half marathon for when I get around to doing one. ;)

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