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Explain Like I’m Five: Why It Isn’t Rampant Tofu Consumption Causing the Rainforest to Be Felled for Soybean Fields
Exploring tofu and its health effects, both good and bad.
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This is by far the best vegan tofu meatball that I have eaten, served alone or smothered with any of my favorite sauces. This makes an excellent dish as appetizer, with stroganoff, spaghetti dinner, or in a sub.
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Is Soy Really The Devil??
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The BEST Balsamic Tofu - try this easy, tasty tofu. Try this healthy, low fat, high protein recipe for dinner tonight!
Vegan tempeh tacos and burritos are a favorite healthy, plant-based weeknight meal. Quick, filling, and (of course) delicious too, this meal has all the makings of a heathy homemade staple.
5:2 Fast day Scrambled Tofu
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