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By Salvador Dali

La Gare de Perpignan, Salvador Dali,considered the 'center of the world'

Salvador Dalí  - Gala and the Angelus of Millet, 1933

Gala And The Angelus Of Millet Before The Imminent Arrival Of The Conical Anamorphoses Salvador Dali Date: 1933 Style: Surrealism Genre: symbolic painting Media: oil, wood Dimensions: x cm Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Ottawa, Canada


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Salvador Dali 1938-1949 - Imgur

Salvador Dali 1938-1949

Composition - Portrait of Mrs. Eva Kolsman, 1946 by Salvador Dali, Classic Period Surrealism.

We all all wish we were rich and famous. (Well, maybe not all, but anyone reading this certainly does....) We also wish, (whether we adm...

"First International Surrealist Exhibition" London, 1936 L to R Salvador…

"Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (panel 1), 1942", Oil by Salvador Dali (1904-1989, Spain)

El Escorial and Catastrophe-Form Calligraphy, 1982 - Salvador Dali


Desoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs, 1963 by Salvador Dali, Classic Period Symbolism.

Salvador Dali 1910-1925 - Album on Imgur

Salvador Dali 1910-1925

Self-Portrait, 1921 - oil on canvas - - dimensions unknown - - private collection -

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Madrid, Architecture and Poplars, 1922 - oil on grey Canson paper - - 47 x cm - - private collection -

Allegory of Sunset Air (Allegory of the Everning) - Salvador Dali  #dali #paintings #art

1940 Allegory of Sunset Air (Allegory of the Everning) Style: Surrealism Genre: allegorical painting


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Salvador DALI : Lithograph : The Horse of Caligula

The Dalinean Horses by Salvador DALI : Lithograph titled : The Horse of Caligula. We also propose for sale a large choice of original works of Art and reproductions by contemporary artists