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Sabbia unveils Swarovski-studded bathtub to soak and shine

crystals bling the 2013 Hello Kitty Swarovski model - Luxurylaunches

Pink Swarovski crystal bath tub

Lori Burke Gardner is the woman behind this extreme luxury bathtub. It took her three years to complete the glamorous project which consists of a classic cast-iron clawfoot tub and rose pink Swarovski crystals. Called The Diamond Bathtub.

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More money than sense? £150,000 bathtub studded with 22,000 Swarovski crystals goes on sale at Harrods

£150,000 bathtub studded with 22,000 Swarovski crystals goes on sale at Harrods

SPARKLE-- bathtub studded with Swarovski crystals goes on sale at Harrods

The Diamond Bathtub, this spectacular creation wears a price tag that’s heavier than that of a average man’s house. Bit much?

Crystal-Studded Bathtubs - Lori Gardner Designs the Diamond Bathtub as a True Luxury


A new trend in luxury is the humble bathtub. Tamara Ecclestone recently splashed out a million crystal bath. Now, I present to you the World’s most bling bathtub, the limited edition Catchpole & Rye Swarovski

How adorable is this! The Yorkie in a Bathtub harness is hand crocheted with 100% Egyptian cotton. The harness is made of luxurious purple velvet adorned with Swarovski Crystal Elements.

A purple velvet harness decorated with a hand crocheted Yorkie in a Bathtub and Swarovski Crystal Elements. For small dogs.

I definitely need an antique phone like this in my house.  Something about these types of phones really call to me.  The girlier the better.

Landline Telephones: Funky Phones, Novelty Phones and Old Fashioned Phones

Cute, but I love my pink phone more! Pink Telephone Box set with Swarovski Crystals Vintage Style Antique Phone Jewelry Pill Box Certificate of Authenticity Perfect Christmas Gift!

10-Magnificent-Bathroom-Mirrors-That-Will-Fascinate-You-9 10-Magnificent-Bathroom-Mirrors-That-Will-Fascinate-You-9

10 Magnificent Bathroom Mirrors That Will Fascinate You

Awesome Swarovski and Vintage Jewellery Mirror by Douglas Cloutier - just need a bigger house!

The claw footed bath is a surefire way to add some glamour to your bathroom, and can be covered in different colours of crystal.  Add some bling to your bathroom with this $300,000 Swarovski crystal encrusted tub from Catchpole & Rye.

More money than sense? £150,000 bathtub studded with 22,000 Swarovski crystals goes on sale at Harrods

Another sexy and fabulous bathroom. Sparkling Swarovski downlights in the shower room add a magical touch to an already amazing space. Designed by Blanca Sanchez of Halo design Interiors. Home is located in the UK.

Sparkling Swarovski Downlights in Bathroom

Love this double shower with star lighting, large glass wall. Floor to ceiling book matched marble. Refined Modern Bathroom Interiors by Blanca Sanchez