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Chen Yifei 陈逸飞 Chen Yifei ( April 1946 - April was a famous Chinese classic painter, director and vision artist.

Photograph of a female samurai warrior from the late 1800's. Wow! She is the definition of BAD ASS!

30 Badass Women That Changed The World We Live In Today -- One Of The Onna-Bugeisha, Female Samurai Warrior Of The Upper Bushi (Samurai), Class In Feudal Japan (Late

Maiko Mamefuji of Gion Kobu | by Gaap on Photohito

maiko Mamefuji Photographer: Gaap “I know we haven’t spoken in a while but I’d…

Lovely geisha

Geisha girl- she would make an awesome tattoo! y'all should research geishas and see what they stand for!

Di Li Feng (4)

Di Li Feng

The paintings of Di Li Feng are remarkable for their special expressions, strong skill, and simple but deeply serious and beautiful conte.

[Galería] Onna-bugeisha: fotos de las mujeres samurái - Canino

smartchickscommune: “ “Onna-bugeisha was a type of female warrior belonging to the Japanese nobility. Many women engaged in battle, commonly alongside samurai men. They were members of the bushi(samurai) class in feudal Japan and were trained in the.