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Penis-Bagpipes Add 18852

Weird Medieval Marginalia Part III Because sometimes Medieval monks got bored…

Bagpipes in Medieval Manuscripts

For some reason during the middle ages pigs were often represented as playing the bagpipes.

bagpipes cat book of hours, Paris ca. 1460. NY, Morgan Library  Museum, MS M.282, fol. 133v

Cat playing a bagpipe in a Book of Hours, Paris, c. 1460 - Bizarre and vulgar illustrations from illuminated medieval manuscripts

Doedelzak. The Luttrell Psalter 1325-1340

Psalter ('The Luttrell Psalter') with calendar and additional material Add MS 42130 Folio

Detail of a bear playing bagpipes from a floral border, at the beginning of Matins of the Virgin.   Origin:England, S. E. ( London)

Detail of Bear playing bagpipes, from floral border at the beginning of Matins of the Virgin, from Book of Hours, Use of Sarum ('The Hours of the Earls of Ormond'), c.

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