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Kagerou Project - Kousuke Seto (瀬戸 幸助) - Shounen Brave (少年ブレイヴ)

Kagerou Project (The Story Of The Children That Rise Against) - Zerochan Anime Image Board


I forgot to say this yesterday well Happy late Birthday Shintaro~ o(>< )o

Seto Kousuke

anime, anime boy and kagerou project image on We Heart It

She know when you'll lied and honest

I was touched At first I thought it was MikuxLen but then I realized it's KidoxKano

Seto and Mary [Kagerou Project]

I think this looks more accurate than official in their relative ages. it always confused me.

kagerou project

Oh, look at all the ultra popular ships I don't ship. But the colors and contrast, mmm. Me likey.

Is this an anime because if it is please tell me!

Ok the anime is actually call kagerou project or Mekaku City actors it still the same anime

Kagerou Project (Kagerou Days; Mekaku City Actors) : Kano Shuuya

Kano is still my favourite in Mekaku City Actors, and always will be.

Glasses make characters so much more attractive why is this? An I'm an ugly potato here with glasses

Kagerou Project (カゲロウプロジェクト) - everyone with glasses 👓