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Hobi and his puppy both with the ㅅ mouth!

Hopie and Mickey

they say dogs look like their owners ;) and I se no difference cause they are so cute

it makes me sad that he most likely was forced to remove it because of a million reasons i feel sorry for him about :/

I hope this is true. my kpop feels. my hearteu.

~Le style est important, mais faites attention à ne pas tomber dans le déjà vu~

Xiumin EXO ❤️ "stay in your fuc*ing lane" <<< understandable pain

FML how can you be so frickin cute, it makes me wonder if u r real o.O. of course your real or you would not be on the screen

EXO’s Baekhyun.he is so kawaii. Stop trying to act so innocent Baekhyun.