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strong but broken

hard to be strong.hard yes but I will never let anyone see me broken again my walls have gone back up and never ever again will I let them down.Ice water in my veins from now on no feelings no hurt!

sad how someone can go from beind the reason you wake up smiling to crying yourself to sleep

At night I cry to sleep and in morning its difficult to wake up coz I have to face the reality that u r not there in my life.

So many times... Its ok I'm use to it an I'm sorry for not being want you wanted so u can go try to have a happy life.

It sucks feeling like I'm not good enough and feeling like most of what happens is some how my fault. I feel so guilty about everything, and I try my best to do what is right.

true emotions I value friends that I am close too as much as I would family thats close. I am not close with my relatives that I am related too.

i fear people will walk out of my life as quickly as they entered, no matter how close we were. They come back but it's hard to forget the feeling of being left for someone better by a close friend.

My whole body aches...tears roll of my face..wishing there could be a day brighter than this...

I'm so broken that I can feel it. I mean physically feel. It's so more than being sad when it affects you whole body

I hope nobody has to go through this.. It's hard. I miss you!

Yes, it hurts. It hurts more than you could ever imagine. But, I've learned to live with it. Life goes on.

I have tried so hard to keep my best friend... But it just seems she is going away, or she is pushing me away.. I'm not sure and more.. And the person I love, is telling me that it's not my fault and to keep moving...but I don't feel like I'm enough for anyone...idk anymore. I'm trying, I truly am.

for years ive had this in my mind.still denyin it for some people hoping theyll eventually come around.

Now it's time to rebuild. I'm done being broken. I'm tired of hiding and crying. Watch out world, here I come! And this time I'm twice as strong simply because you've broken me TOO MANY TIMES before!!

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Now it's time to rebuild. I've been broken. I'm tired of hiding and crying. And this time I'm twice as strong simply because you've broken me before! Ill pick up the pieces and find a way. Time will heal a broken heart.

Sometimes my family seems to go out of their way to treat me like I am not a part of the family.  Like I don't exist.  My heart just hurts.

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Hate being in this situation

True .....I guess not only for me but for everyone

"I smile all day long at work and around people but when I'm alone I cry all the time will i ever be happy again". Ohh I used to feel and wonder exactly the same, and yes, life gets better in the end.

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