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Vadim Trunov's close-ups of snails, ants, butterflies, grasshoppers, ladybirds and bees look truly mesmerizing and magical.

Ant drinks from a water droplet in a tiny world where the physics in daily life work differently. #bandentrend.nl

Delicious drops by Wolfgang Korazija on It's morning, and the tiny ant finds a mirror to make sure it's ready, looking it's best for the day! "ALLOW ME MY IMAGINATION!

I hate to be unnecessarily negative and stuff, but good golly, can people just eat a stinking pickle? An avocado is never going to give the crunch that I must assume one enjoys with pickle eating...although admittedly I do not know because I do not enjoy pickle consumption myself. It's crap like this...and beet eating...that probably put people in the horribly bad moods they so often find themselves in!!

Macro snail - the new name for really huge Neverending Story big snail.

SnailsMore Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

Amazing Close Up Photos of Snails

Fascinating miniature world of snails, macro photography by Vyacheslav Mishchenko - Ego - AlterEgo

Estar em paz é não permitir que o barulho de fora atormente o silêncio de dentro. Alessandra Souza

A pin sent by s granddaughter named Chelsea. She said this reminds her of her granmother's beautiful garden :) How sweet _

how long do snails sleep ? best images and pictures of snails, and of the slowest animals in the world.

Interesting Facts: How Long Do Snails Sleep ? (MISYTERY SOLVED)

Ila Education for Life Photo Manipulations

Ila Education for Life Photo Manipulations

Yoga frog! Fascinating Pictures (@Fascinatingpics) | Twitter

Jember, Java, Indonesia (Monica Anantyowati, The positions in which frogs get photographed are just hilarious

Snail umbrella

“A Snail's Life”. Photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko captures gorgeous macro photographs of snails near his hometown of Berdichev, Ukraine. After being taught to hunt for mushrooms as a child, Vyacheslav has grown up with a keen eye for spotti.