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Thaumaturgy symbol , one of my favorites

The Society of Arcanists

Thaumaturgy symbol - From the Greek Words Meaning Miracle Work. The Art and Science of Wonder Working. Magic for Non Religious Purposes.

Kitab al-Bulhan ... [etc.] composite codex. Written in Arabic, location unknown, dated 14th-15th centuries. Composite manuscript in Arabic of divinatory works, dating principally from the late 14th century A.D., containing astrological, astronomical and geomantic texts compiled by Abd al-Hasan Al-Isfahani, with illustrations. Fol. 81r is in Turkish.

The Kitab al-Bulhan, or Book of Wonders, is an Arabic manuscript dating mainly from the late century A. and probably bound together in Baghdad during the reign of Jalayirid Sultan Ahmad manuscript is made up of astrological, astrono

Tibetan Depiction of Agharta/Inner Earth.  There are many “entrances” to the ‘Inner Earth:  in South America, in Russia, in China, etc.

“ Tibetan Depiction of Agharta/Inner Earth Three thousand years ago, in India, transcripts were uncovered that strongly indicated our earth was inhabited by space vehicles, whose.