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Introvert Problem #16.

Introvert Problem Your thought are interrupted by the realization that people have walked into the space you were staring into, and they probably think you're staring at them. ALL THE TIME.

I've been asked this so many times. Along with "Do you talk?"

Introvert problems - When I was in school I was generally known as "that quiet girl". And when I did talk, they would be surprised. I ended up closing myself off even further and developed a bitter shell.

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okay but now i'm just pinning all of these because they're my life described perfectly

True about the phone. I wait until someone starts to leave a message on the answering machine (so I know who it is) and then decide whether or not to answer.

While extroverts gain energy by socializing and being around people, introverts gain energy by being alone--and lose energy by being around people. Half of the American population is introverted.

Introvert problem

Introvert problem

Yep, especially in big events. Youth activities and when the youth goes out

That's why I love my introverted friends...they just GET this, no questions asked :-)

Introvert problem: That moment in a social setting when you shut down and need immediate alone time for no apparent reason other than the fact that you've been around people for far too long.

Introvert Problems. *And people I've known for years. If I know you don't like me & judge me, no, I'm not going to be comfortable or want to spend time with you. Who would?

Introvert Problem People you just meet think you're self-absorbed or hateful because you don't talk or share your life story right away.

My friends are the best because they understand when I am having this problem

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I happen to be more extreme than this. I don't even want to get in a texting conversation.