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Apathy Virus Catches Victims Unaware | Couple at rest turns into doomed caricature of themselves | By Julian Beever – In Chile

StreetArt, Sidewalk Art - Pavement Drawing by Julian Beever, Chile - Ferris Wheel painted just in front of a park bench. looks like the rider is going for an "unpleasant ending to the ride!

When I was a kid going to an art exhibition was cutting school, taking a subway ride to brooklyn, and waiting for that special train to drive by. To look in awe at the vibrant graphics which were boldly displayed on the moving canvas of the MTA galleries.

Komplaint Dept. Why. I Hate. Graffiti.

Dondi Graffiti Artists New York. Martha Cooper was a photo-journalist living in New York City when she first began documenting the origins of B-boy (short for break-boys) and hip hop culture. *posted by Hip Hop Fusion

Street Art: ARYZ Trapped in a Creepy World : RESPECT.

Street Art: ARYZ Trapped in a Creepy World


Street art, Christchurch, NZ - Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!

Melbourne, AU

One of my favorite pastimes in an urban landscape is to hunt for graffiti. ("Melbourne / urban / graffiti art / street photography" by CubaGallery)

danielodowd:  chris borger

danielodowd: chris borger