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Zombies and babies - uncanny similarities. Happily childfree by choice, thanks.

Funny pictures about Zombie vs. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie vs. Also, Zombie vs.

If I turned my keyboard over right now and shook it out, Id probably have enough food fall out of it to last at least a week!

Funny pictures about New Keyboard. Oh, and cool pics about New Keyboard. Also, New Keyboard photos.

It really works!

Who needs to be grumpy?

Hey! This is kinda like a #kdrama. Dude treats her like a princess...gets friend-zoned

Classic Sci-Fi and a Modern Punny Twist! This guy deserves a girlfriend.

The greatest threat to Western civilization.

The Greatest Threat To Western Civilization - Prose Before Hos


If women watched cooking shows like men watch sports.