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White, Racist, Bigot's Working 4 Russia~ "GREED" The world is really questioning American people's judgement!

Can you spot the difference? #impeachtrump #spotthedifference For more like this, go to http://thetrumpimpeachment.com/category/meme

This picture of TRUMP, just about says it all… Trump, worst person, worst President ever!

Facebook is not allowing this Stanford Rapist meme be posted. Apparently calling a convicted rapist a rapist is now bullying. But, people who are black can be called thugs, women can be called whores, fake profiles of people can live on with fake remarks to damage a reputation, and pictures can be photoshopped and posted to bully, women who have been raped can be called sluts, transgender people can be called perverts, and it's all allowed on FB, EXCEPT this picture of a RAPIST.

Dan Turner, the father of the freshman rapist at Stanford University, wrote a foul letter of opposition to his son Brock’s six-month jail sentence for assaulting an unconscious woman.

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Deadpan Comic Steven Wright Returns to The Orleans Showroom November 14 and 15

Kellyanne Conway & Sean Spicer...True LIes...AKA 'Alternate Realities'

AKA 'Alternate Realities' and 'Alternate Facts' -- Republican Big Lies all the same!

Basket full of deplorables... Unfortunately, this basket isn't nearly large enough ;)

Trump's planned Presidential Cabinet, a basket full of deplorables! And we'll be paying their salaries. We are a bunch of CHUMPS!