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Really enjoyed making this although he took a lot longer than I expected. I did have to modify his design a little as the budget wouldn’t stretch to doing him supported above the board. No cake in this one as the birthday girl doesn’t like cake so.

R2-D2 cake that I made for my Star Wars obsessed son

cake that I made for my Star Wars obsessed son

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R2D2 cake for my hubby!

cake for my hubby!

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For the Star Wars lover in your life, make him/her a themed cake! Whether there is a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, a themed-cake is the perfect way to add some fun and personality to your event (+ your belly)!



Light saber birthday cake

Coolest Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake

Homemade Star Wars Light Saber Birthday Cake: I made this Star Wars Light Saber cake for my son's surprise birthday party. It was created using about a dozen Twinkies and store-bought canned