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I miss Kevin.<<I absolutely LOVE Dean and his pop culture references! it makes my day

Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot

jensen, ackles

Burst with excitement!

Funny as hell, then MISHA! OMGs, I hurt myself laughing at that last image.<< Jensen used to be a cheerleader too

there are hundreds of ways to say i love you, you just gotta listen #spn #destiel

"I got too close to the humans in my charge-- No, if I had to narrow it down to just one, it would be you.

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I wish there wasn’t any language in this, but this is too good not to share

This is the most amazing thing to ever grace this board, it's not even easter but I don't care.

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I love how chuck/god ships destiel and does everything to get them together

Head Canon , make it happen

this must happenxD Look at Sam's shipping face xD<< OmG that's just too much for my aching heart xD

Dean is as smart as Sammy

it’s heartbreaking and cute at the same time when Dean just lights up and smiles while he shows off his EMF meter. I am a high school teacher and the tags on this just broke my heart.